Is your face darker than your body? Suffering from Hyperpigmentation and Blackheads? Do you have Sunburn and Dark Patches? This Treasure Box is yours!
It contains: Sandalwood Face Bar, Platinum Face Polish, Carnelian Face Serum, Rose Quartz Toner, Crystal Face Cream, Moonstone Sun Shield, Cotton pad and Face sponge.
How to use.
Day – You start your day with the Face Bar.
Followed by the Rose Quartz Toner and Carnelian Face Serum for your face.
If you are going out, don’t forget to apply your Moonstone Sun Shield!
Night – Wash your face with your Face Bar and follow through with the Platinum Face Polish.
Tone your face with the Rose Quartz and apply a dime size of the Crystal Face Cream to moisturize your face.
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