Cookie Wash


Cookie Wash is an all-natural feminine wash that leaves your cookies feeling fresh and moist.

It is time to throw those toxic chemicals and fragrance filled washes away.

Harsh chemicals do not belong in or near your vagina- this is why all of our ingredients are made from the Earth.

Cookie Wash is a feminine hygiene product that cleanses the vulva & promotes moisture.

Benefits: Soothing, Cleansing, moisturizing, supports yeast infection prevention, relieves soreness and inflammation.
can be used as a full body wash.

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• Bottle lasts up to 2 months
• Expires after 6 months
• 200ml

Please view ingredients before purchasing in case of any allergies.

Ingredients: Honey, African Black Soap, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera,  Rose Water, and Witch Hazel.

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