Cookie Oil


Our Cookie Oil is a magical blend of all-natural ingredients designed to saturate and moisturize your vulva, effortlessly reducing friction, inflammation, and swelling during and after sex.

When you pair this incredible antioxidant-rich oil with our best-selling Cookie Wash, they work together making you feel fresh, clean, free of bacteria, & absolutely irresistible!⁠

The Cookie Oil and all feminine care products should be applied on and around your clitoris and vulva but never inside your vaginal opening.

Ingredients:  Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, Sunflower Oil and Grapeseed Oil.


Shake well before use to activate all of its powerful ingredients.

Put 2 to 3 drops of oil on your clean fingertips, then rub the oil on your vulva or clitoris.

Rub the oil on the vulva or clitoris in the morning and/or around evening time after a shower.

You can apply this oil whenever you feel irritated, sore, or dry.

After sex, your vulva and clitoris can feel sore so this oil will help with moisturizing and saturating!

On the off chance that you ever feel dry or experience friction against your clothing or panties, this saturating oil will help! If your vulva is ever irritated, swollen, or raw, this is all you need.

This oil helps with inflammation and vaginal swelling.

This oil also promotes vaginal wetness! When it’s time for sex, it’ll get really SLIPPERY.

We recommend putting it on around evening time after a shower for a cool and calming feeling to prepare for bed!

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